Sharing Secrets: Carpe Diem


When this header idea came to me, I suddenly had a clear picture of the many people who have these words as a tattoo. It may once have been an original idea, but  less so now, so maybe one should try to find something a little bit more original once he/she has decided to ink himself/herself for life.
But don’t worry, this post is not about tattoos, today I write about seizing the day.

For me, these words sound very familiar as I’ve heard a million times about the importance of living in the moment, seizing every opportunity and so on and so forth. Many conversations end up debating the following types of questions: Do we have to forget about the past and its regrets and only live with our reminiscences? or on the contrary, concentrate ourselves on the future and its achievements? there is, of course, a perfect middle-ground: « live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment ».
I would like to mention that the words below do not come from an expert in this matter as I, for one, am by far not enjoying every minute: I get bored constantly, I eat too fast and don’t always pay attention to the music playing, my head is regularly in the clouds, I am caught up in my daily routine and the list seems endless. Therefore, in this article I will share some « secrets » which I try to keep in mind in order to make the most of every single day.
I have said to myself on more than one occasion: «ok, from now on…» and these words usually remain just words because it is simply too much to do at once and I lose myself in postponed decisions. All of this just to say that it is important to begin with small steps, introducing habits gradually.
Paying attention to every single detail is THE thing to do. Our senses are an incredible power as you can feel amazing emotions just from taking the time to enjoy your lunch or a landscape, for example. In case your mind gets lost in thoughts, try to put them off till later.
Trying to enjoy things that usually annoy you, might also be a good idea. If you hate queues for example (as most of us do), in order to avoid frustration, look around and simply observe: time will fly and by the time you reach the front of the queue, you might be amazed by the impressions the surroundings leave in your mind.
Last but not least, think about what you are grateful for today, oh, and of course, do not forget to smile 🙂
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