Sharing secrets: Self-confidence

Iwould like to write a series of articles in which I will share my « secrets » or simply tips of my everyday life. Today, the subject will be self-confidence – a current issue. As for me, I would say that I am still working on it. Everyday I try to overcome fears and sometimes I realize it is actually fun. Trying to overcome my acrophobia (fear of heights) has been one of my recent accomplishments. I have been practicing a little climbing, have not avoided bridges or balconies etc. In short, I focus on my fears and do things I would not usually do because everyone has to build self-confidence step by step.

Self-confidence: Zara gingham top and bordeau midi-skirt

Self-confidence: Zara gingham top and bordeau midi-skirt

Blake Lively said « The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence ». I really believe in these words and think of them when I do not feel at my best. Wearing clothes in a confident way really makes the difference. It is obvious that a woman who believes in herself will be more attractive, even in a less charming outfit, than a woman with low self-confidence.

Self-confidence: Zara gingham top and bordeau midi-skirt

It is important to have a positive image of yourself. In order to achieve this, I try to take care of my skin, my hair, the clothes I put on and so on… My constant goal is to be healthy and look natural, hence fake eyelashes, plastic surgery and even makeup do not interest me at all. I may apply lipstick from time to time, or concealer to hide one or two imperfections, but on a daily basis I am makeup free.

Self-confidence: Zara gingham top and bordeau midi-skirt

Playing with highlighting your special features is a great way to feel confident but one has to be careful not to show off by going to extremes. Walking with confidence is no less important so the posture has to be straight and elegant for a woman.

Finally, standing out from the crowd also has a substantial influence on gaining self-confidence. I no longer care about common style rules because it blocks my creativeness. All in all, wear whatever you like as long as you feel confident in it!

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  1. July 18, 2016 / 7:21 PM

    Tinuta ta exsprima o mare de frumusete.intelegenta,seriozitate,modestie,caldura si dragoste !!!!

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