Timeless pieces

Hello dears! I finally managed to publish a new blog post! I’ll briefly comment on what I am wearing and leave you with the photos… First of all, this tweed dress which is totally worth mentioning because it entirely characterizes me. There are two things I love most about it: it is weather-appropriate and it looks pretty good with black tights! Second, I wanted to say a few words about my Nordgreen watch. I think that it is a timeless piece  thanks to its minimalistic, Scandinavian design and I love the fact that I can wear it on a daily basis. You’ve probably noticed that I prefer classic designs, not overcomplicated but simple and unique. I also wanted to mention Nordgreen’s social approach because with every purchased watch they financially support the education in India, provide clean water to The Central African Republic and protect the rain forest in Latin America. I appreciate this a lot as not every watch brand stands for such good causes.

Dress – Shein

Watch – Nordgreen (discount code – MIHAELA)


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