40 Facts About Me

I think it’s probably not the first time you see the tag Facts About Me – it’s all over the Internet. Bloggers often use it because their readers want to get to know them better. Behind the screen there’s a real person and besides the fact that photos reflect some of the personal features, most often it is difficult to draw major conclusions about his or her individuality.


In the text bellow, I’ve written 40 random facts about me therefore keep on reading if you want to get to know me better and maybe some points will let you identify with me 🙂

 Oh, wait, I owe you some explanations. Today’s outfit is a little bit more special 😀 I say so because the dress has a particularly deep cleavage )) trust me, I did not choose it. Some of you have probably seen on my Insta Story that I let my boyfriend choose me an outfit and this is what I’ve got )) I also wanted to warn you: do not buy this dress)) it is not comfortable at all: you always have to make sure nothing can be seen 😉 I took some photos in it but I think they are too intimate and don’t want them to be online so I only chose a few of them which are more discreet. The photos below are related to the facts about me because as I tried to not hide anything and write about my positive but also negative aspects, in the photos I show you the real, natural me as well, without any makeup.




Dress – Asos

  1. I was born in 1997, in Moldova and not Maldives as I sometimes hear in Switzerland 😀
  2. Why am I talking about Switzerland? I’ve been living and studying here for 4 years
  3. In Switzerland, I started everything from scratch and therefore I changed a lot
  4. I am 1.70 m tall
  5. I have a younger brother. He is younger but twice my height 😉
  6. I speak 5 languages: Romanian, Russian, French, English and Italian + I took Spanish classes during a year
  7. In French, I have an accent 🙂 in most cases, people love it but I want to get rid of it as soon as possible
  8. I had the most wonderful childhood in a small village in Moldova before moving to the city
  9. I love studying, everything, but especially science
  10. I thought I was going to be a journalist but instead, I will be a computer scientist 😀 In September, I’ll begin to study computer science at Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne
  11. I can count on my fingers the number of my true friends
  12. I’ve been in a relationship for 4 and a half years
  13. My boyfriend says I am a good “housewife” but this is not my “area of excellence” 😀 because it doesn’t interest me so much
  14. I am a perfectionist
  15. I love animals: I have a dog and a cat
  16. I love competing
  17. I am peevish and bear grudges so don’t mess up with me 😉
  18. I easily get bored
  19. I love to share… everything. Well, it has limits of course… I won’t share my husband…
  20. I hate politics and everything that is related to it
  21. I respect those who write correctly, with no grammar and orthographic mistakes
  22. I do not watch TV
  23. I don’t drink coffee
  24. I have a tattoo, read more about it here
  25. I am a sporty girl and I love to push my physical limits even though I always want to look feminine
  26. One of my dreams is to visit South Corea, Seoul of course )
  27. I am afraid of heights but I try to get rid of this fear so I never say no to a landscape which can only be seen from a tall building
  28. I love Disney movies and when I celebrated my 20th birthday at Disneyland, it was a dream come true 😀
  29. I love surprises but what I love even more is to make surprises myself
  30. I love flowers, my favorites are tulips, peonies and hydrangeas
  31. I was a member of a Model Agency
  32. I haven’t had any makeup products for over 3 years but I started buying some because of my blog. I do not regret it because I keep everything minimalistic and only use quality products
  33. I am very, extremely sensitive. I cry like a baby whenever I am watching a drama
  34. I hate loneliness and I become depressive in such moments
  35. My favorite fruit is avocado. Yes, avocado is a fruit
  36. My favorite band is Imagine Dragons
  37. I love reading and in 4 years of high school, I haven’t missed a single book, be it French, English, Italian or philosophy, history, etc
  38. I have never been on another continent
  39. My favorite movies are: Intouchables and Demain Tout Commence. Omar Sy plays in both.
  40. My favorite actress is Alicia Vikander

Hope you enjoyed these 40 Facts About Me, my dears <3

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