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As a fashion blogger, you can imagine the amount of clothes, shoes, accessories and other textiles I have in my wardrobe. I am not particularly proud of that, quite the contrary because this makes me the stereotypical image of a modern woman in a consumerist society. Someday I hope I will be able to only borrow clothes from brands and then return them but for now, I try to resell the items worn once at « shop my closet » events in order to encourage reuse.

Talking about sustainable fashion, I encourage it in every way possible and today I would like to let you discover a brand which produces exquisite, high-quality scarves but tries to minimize its impact on the environment at the same time. I am talking about Elephant Cross whose brand claim says it all: « Sinful without sins ».

As it is mentioned on their website, their aim is to to make sinfully beautiful products while avoiding impact on the environment. You can read more about their sustainability strategies (from production to delivery) here.

I have chosen two scarves from their online shop. You can see the first one in today’s post pictures: it is minimalistic and can be worn on a daily basis. I love the way it gives a touch of elegance to the whole outfit and the fact that it is the accessory that catches your attention. I will soon create a look with the second one as well, which is perfect for special occasions. Both of them have an irreproachable quality as only luxurious natural fibres like cashmere, fine wool and silk are used. They are light, comfortable and most importantly, keep me warm, so I am satisfied in every way.

This post is in collaboration with Elephant Cross

Scarf – Elephant Cross

Boots – Dosenbach

Coat – Mango

P.S. Thank you, Larissa Margulies, for these amazing photos! You can find her work here: website, facebook, instagram

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