A Budget Plan for 24 Hours in Positano

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Hello Loves! Here comes the first post from the Amalfi Coast…so excited to share this experience with you! I wanted to write something a little more original than a list of things to do in Positano and thinking about what might interest you, I came up with the idea of a budget. More precisely, I want to make a list of things to do but complete it by adding the prices. For us, young adults, it is important to prepare a precise budget plan so that we know the expenses we have to reckon with. From my own experience, the Amalfi Coast is not one of the most affordable places, so keep on reading if you want to know the expenses to be expected. I also wanted to let you know that today, I’ll only write about Positano but if you want to make a general budget plan for the Amalfi Coast, including hotels, car rental, etc.  you’ll have to wait for another blog post 🙂 .

I’ve decided to begin with Positano because it is one of the reasons I initially chose the Amalfi Coast but don’t worry, Capri, Amalfi and others are coming soon 🙂 . Unfortunately, I must admit that I was disappointed. I hate crowds and Positano turned out to be a small town with masses of people. If in September there were tons of people, I don’t even want to imagine the situation in July or August…Though the views are spectacular, I wouldn’t stay there for more than 24 hours.

So , let’s start with the things to do in Positano and how much it costs.

  • Spiaggia Grande or the Great Beach

    You can see it in the photos above – it is THE place to be when in Positano. It is probably the most photographed place because of the colorful beach umbrellas but mainly because you have THAT breathtaking view (I mean the colorful houses on the cliffs). If you want to tan and swim there, you can take a beach chair for 12.50€/day or lie on a towel on the free beach which is next to the private one.

  • Fornillo Beach

    If you prefer a more quiet beach then the Fornillo beach is the place to go as it is not very far. Note that here, a beach chair is a little cheaper – 7€/day.

  • La Sirenuse – Champagne Bar & Grill.

    You can enjoy a glass of Martini with a magnificent view from one of the most well-known places in Positano – La Sirenuse – but be prepared to pay 18€ for each :))

  • Wander Positano

    I think this is the most inexpensive activity 🙂 This village is perfect for walking, so enjoy a 3€ gelato whilst you are discovering its charming paths.

  • Kayak

    Rent a kayak or take a kayak excursion. For the rental of a two seater you’ll have to pay 15€/ hour. As for the excursion (~ 50€/person), it lasts about 3 hours and takes place along the Amalfi Coast.

  • Boat tour

    There are different destinations available at different prices when you rent a boat, but I would recommend a boat tour. It is along the Amalfi Coast and lasts about 40 minutes. They serve drinks and snacks on board but the most important, the tour finishes with a dinner in a restaurant by the sea. You can set aside about 70€ for this activity.

  • Saraceno d’Oro Restaurant

    Restaurants are really expensive in Positano, so it’s hard to eat in a more affordable place. At Saraceno d’Oro you can get pizzas for ~ 10€ and pasta for ~ 10-15€.

  • La Tagliata Restaurant

    For a meal with a view, you can climb some stairs and go to La Tagliata. It is an all inclusive type of restaurant, with no menu and a price of 40€/person. You’d better be starving because large amounts of food and drinks are served.


  • The parking is expensive – 5€/hour – so it’s better to take a bus. All the towns in the Amalfi Coast can be reached by bus, so it doesn’t really matter in which town you are staying. A daily ticket costs 8€, this means you can take as many buses as you want during the entire day.
  • Take pictures in the evening, after 6 o’clock. As the sun sets, the Great Beach becomes empty and the light is perfect for a stunning photo with a view.
  • If you want to save some money, organise a picnic on the beach instead of going to a restaurant. A bottle of prosecco and some sandwiches or fruit are perfect for « farniente days ».

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Positano 2017

Dress – Zaful

Bag – Asos

Sandals – La Halle

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Positano 2017


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